Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How do I become a college basketball coach?

It's my dream to become a college basketball coach. What classes should I take in college ( minor and majors ) And any other stuff I should also do to help. Thanks a bunchHow do I become a college basketball coach?
You first have to be hired as an GYM instructor. Most will start out on high school level. If they have great winning records, they MAY get hired by colleges.

To be a coach on high school level, you need a degree in physical education. I gave you a link for that.

Then you work your way up the ladder by first being an assistant coach on college level. Most coaches also teach physical education classes too, even at college level.

There isn't much turn-over at the highest coaching levels, because the pay is higher and work load less than a regular college professor, or instructor.

You likely won't qualify to be a full-time coach without 10 yrs or more experience as an assistant coach, and serving the university/college well, first as an regular instructor and assistant coach.

Your road to the top can be shortened, if you are a well-know former player in professional sports, or if your team has has unusual success at regional contests.

If you have worked hard for many losing seasons, hardly anyone would want to hire that person for a top level basketball coach.

It's probably harder to become a top level coach, at the college level, than to become a professional athlete itself, because there are more openings for athletes, than coach.

Sorry, but that's reality.How do I become a college basketball coach?
a good idea would be to major in secondary education, which would allow you too teach and hopefully coach at the high school level. There are really two routes to breaking into college coaching. The GA route and the working your way up through the high school ranks. The GA route means getting hired as a Graduate Assistant for a college program. These positions allow you to get a masters degree (for free) while coaching as part of the colleges staff. These positions are very competitive and hard to get. The best route to securing one is to have college playing experience or have been a student assistant with a college team. The high school route is a more round about path to the college ranks requiring you too prove yourself at the high school level before getting the opportunity to jump to the college ranks. Getting a high school coaching job is much easier than getting a GA position and can oftentimes pave the way for getting a GA spot. Ultimately, for the vast majority of college coaches, the entry level position is a GA spot, so that should be your goal (unless you have the talent to be a big time NCAA/NBA player yourself which opens up other doors).

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